Horicon Phoenix Program Presents: An evening with Bron Sage featuring special guests Magnus Pym

Formed in 2012 and largely inspired by a disfigured, pocket-sized bronze horse, Bron Sage is a rarity: an indie band playing heavy horn and guitar-driven rock and roll that naturally incorporates elements of blues, Dixieland jazz, prog rock, “psyche” rock, noise, and more.

Close attention is paid to crafting bizarre song forms that remain digestible. And by finding lyrical inspiration in a variety of subjects that include holiday-related mental breakdowns (“My Baby, She Lost Her Mind on Christmas Day”), menacing miracle cure salesmen (“Thimble Full of Snake Oil”), and coming-of-age in the wrong generation (“Skizzards and Scoundrels”), each original song proves to be a distinct character in the Bron Sage repertoire.

Never described the same way twice, Bron Sage’s good old-fashioned American weirdness has been described once as, “an art rock mixture of heavy guitar and horns that produces a brand of truly polyphonic big band rock and roll that occupies the space between 70’s prog rock and contemporary blues. It sounds a bit like Led Zeppelin picked up Jim Morrison hitchhiking and brought him to a club to jam with the house horn section…and then some of them took a little acid, perhaps.” Whether you’re checking into a no-tell motel, climbing out of your steam-powered time machine, or sun tanning in the parking lot of an abandoned taxidermy shop, Bron Sage aims to make you feel right at home.

Always wear your sunblock and leave enough headroom for your horns.

Fond du Lac’s mighty Magnus Pym starts the evening off in fine fashion at 9:00 p.m.

$10.00 at the door – or *FREE* admission with your Horicon Phoenix Membership Card!

Libations will be available in the annex and are provided by Horicon American Legion Post 157.

This is an 18 + show, please.  Don’t miss our last barn-burner of 2015!

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