Summer Concert Series 2013

The summer concert Market4series this year was fabulous! We tried a few new bands, some went well and others not. This year saw an increase in attendance, bigger sales at food vendors, and the continuation of Art in the Park. Attendees could grab some good eats, wonderful produce and crafts from the Horicon Farmers Market, and stay to listen.





Hosted by the Horicon Library, Art in the Park provided a craft for children to complete while parents relaxed and listened to the music. Some nights over 50 kids participated in this craft!
My personal favorite were treasure maps and sand sculptures. Oh, and my kids liked them too.
Market7Why are these so successful?
1. Free music to improve the culture and community of Horicon
2. Art project to inspire children and get them excited about art
3. Partners with the Horicon Farmers Market to provide healthy, organic produce. Grown locally by local farmers
4. Provide fund-raising opportunity for local groups, such as Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Lions Club, Kiwanis, and American Legion. We are proudly support you!
Market6The concert series ended with De La Buena – with their fabulous drums, dancers, and trumpets. Dan, current president of the Horicon Phoenix Program, was enlisted to help.  We look forward to next years concert series and even have a few new bands picked out again.